Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wellness Wrap & Sandwich

Eggplant Red Pepper Wrap
1 Whole Wheat Tortilla 
2 TBS homemade baba ganoush
Handful of rinsed arugula
1/2 red pepper 
1/4 avocado 
Small red onion ( sliced very thin)
1/4 lemon
Peeled sesame seeds 

Prepare Tortillas by laying on flat surface 
Spread baba ganoush on the tortilla shells 
Lay arugula, red peppers, avacados and onions on the tortilla 
Squeeze lemons juice over all the ingredients 
Seasons with sesame seeds and pepper
Roll all together and enjoy

Veggie Sandwich 

2slices of Low Sodium Bread
Homage hummus
Sliced Cucumbers 
Sliced tomatoes 
Sliced red / white onion
8-10 leaves of lettuce or spinach

Build sandwich by layering the vegetables on the hummus ( previously prepared)

Food intake really does matter on the healing & wellness journey 
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