Monday, March 21, 2016

Traveling with Fibromaylgia : Tips to make a Successful Trip

Taking a family trip with a chronic illness like fibromyalgia can be both good and bad. Here are my top five tips to help you to have the best experience. 

 1. Plan to take several Small Trip to near by places during the year- long trips can be hard on the body. Many of us decline to travel because we know how it makes the body feel. 

 2. Plan ahead- This helps to decrease getting stressed out by being rushed to get everything together

 3. Travel with other family members- this is goo because they can help out with the driving responsibilities if you have small children that can help with the driving. 


4. Leave early-The reason for this is the to make sure that you have time to stop along the way to stretch and for the bathroom breaks. You don't want to have to be extra pressure in regards to time and getting to the vacation town to late. You have to keep in mind check -in times along with considerations for traffic.

5. LAST-But really the most important is to Get a Lot of Rest prior to departure.
Rest and a good nights sleep is very vital to a good travel experience. For persons that are already not feeling the best in the body it is not good to put more on you by trying to fight feeling tired and sleepy .
The recommended amount of restful sleep is 6-8 hours.

Happy traveling......

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