Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Decrease Inflammation: Detox with a Superfruit

I am always looking for new information on how to deal with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. 

My ultimate goal is to get my body on track and to feel better.  A great deal of the issues that we  have going on in our bodies comes from inflammation.   Inflammation causes pain.  A good way to decrease inflammation in the body is to change/ improve our eating habits.

There are many foods that help to detox the body of toxins that cause inflammation that ultimately lead to pain & fatigue.

Here is a recipe that I found that is quick and easy.  It is made out of pineapples. Pineapples are one of the super fruits with lots of great health benefits.
See the recipe below. Give it a try and enjoy. ..

Retrieved from the web.
Pineapple Whip
makes 4-6 servings

Adapted from


1 fresh pineapple, peeled, cored and chopped
1 cup almond milk, or non-dairy milk of choice
1 tablespoon honey (optional, for authentic sweetness)


First off, you’ll want to freeze the pineapple chunks. I chopped mine a day ahead of time, and froze the chunks overnight. You could also purchase frozen pineapple, if you prefer. As you can see from the picture below, the frozen pineapple reached the 6.5 – 7 cup mark on my blender pitcher.

This recipe works best in a high-speed blender, like the Vitamix, because you’ll need to be able to pulverize the pineapple into an ice-cream-like consistency. A normal blender will most likely not work, but a food processor might.

pineapple blender

Combine the frozen pineapple with the almond milk and honey, then blend until a frozen sorbet texture is achieved. For an authentic Dole Whip presentation, transfer the frozen dessert to a large plastic bag, and cut off the tip to create a piping bag. Pipe the pineapple whip into 4-6 dishes, and serve immediately!