Monday, March 11, 2013

30 day Challenge update (day 18)

Well it has been  a grand total of 18 days since I began this challenge...I must say that it takes a lot of strength and dedication to make positive changes in your life that are for your own good.   Everyday I have tried my best to add something new to my regimen to a healthy lifestyle.

I must report that I have not had any Coke Cola and I am determined that I am not having any.   This has not been the easiest decision, but I feel that it is one of the best ones that I have made in a very long time.  I am not saying that you should not drink any coke or caffeine products, but it is my decision to help me to overcome some of my health struggles.  I must say that I can not report a great deal of relief from the physical pain in my body as I do suffer with chronic pain that has been characterized/diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia has no known cure, but there are others that have documented a great deal of relief and pain management and I know that there is some relief for me as well.

I also would like to report that I go Physical this weekend with the Ayers gang on the Tennis Court and it was fun even though I was in pain, I pressed through and played a few rounds and plan on going back again..  I think they enjoyed the game as well.

   My fight against the desire to drink coke. In the past, I would drink several of these a day.....Not Today!!!
 My tennis rackets that I purchased last year that have not been used until this past weekend...They had to be dusted off.
                                                 Me playing tennis this weekend with my family.

Gabby thinking she winning!!! we not keeping score

Kayla getting into the game....

Me holding the tennis ball....

The mister finally got in the game.   He originally was not planning on playing.