Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The 30 day challenge....Keeping my Focus

The past few days have been some rough few days.  As usual there are no true words to express how I really feel, but I must say that I am in the press.  I can not give in to how I feel because if I did then the "Fibro" wins.   But this is not how the story ends.  I have taken all the medication that has been prescribed and nothing seems to work. Pain, Pain every where.  I called one of my doctors to see what could be done like change my medications.  The nurse finally called back to tell me the doctor wanted me to increase the Meloxicam  from 7.5 mg to 15 mg.  So now there is a new medication instruction (we will see how it goes). In the past I have tried to do things that might  and have not been able to complete because to I find it very hard to be focused and stay on track as the "PAIN" tends to be my guide.  In the next few days, I plan to begin this 30 day challenge to take my life back.  I have to wait a few days to get the things together to start this challenge.  It is going to require some dedication and strength from God and support from Team Nora(my family) to get through this.  I was just learning that some of the problems an symptoms of Fibromyalgia can be caused by different deficiencies in the body.  I plan try and work on changing some eating habits and adding some new things to my diet and intake to assist me in getting my body back on track.  I am not sure if this works, but at this point I am willing to try just about anything as it seems that nothing helps.  I am so very tired and I hope that something good comes out of this.  I try to keep my faith and believe that things will get better, but when you feel worse day by day...I must admit that it does get difficult to see that light at the end of the tunnel especially when you stop looking.

   Just this past Sunday, my mother was giving some words of encouragement during the Sunday Morning Service...She tells us that in the between times -We have to stay focused!   I am not really in the between times, I feel like I am in a windstorm and I am being twisted around and just being beaten by the rain that is coming down very heavy....But I gotta stay focused!...I can not fall out in the rain storm because I will only get beaten more then possibly drown.  My "Mind" goes by to the word (Matthew 14)...(Thank God for my Mind!) Where Peter was in the boat and he had to get out of the boat to get to Jesus and in order for Peter to get to Jesus had to walk on the water. Peter was doing fine until he took his eyes of Jesus.  Peter was just like many of us today.  We begin to look around at the situations trying to fix them ourselves and come up with some new solution. Not realizing that he is the solution.   He is the answer to all our problems. I have to keep my eyes on Jesus. I know in him there is no failure.  There is nothing that is to hard for him to solve. He has given me what I need. I have to trust God. and yes, I have to encourage myself as it may look a little bad right now. I know things are turning around and there are somethings that I have to do for myself.

"When Christ said ‘Come’, Peter put his trust in God and climbed out of the boat. He didn’t let fear or the natural circumstances stop him. He obeyed Christ’s call, and into the water he went. Faith is always expressed by obedience to Christ, and unbelief by disobedience. Peter put his confidence in Christ’s Word, and didn’t look at his own inability to walk on water. God’s grace is sufficient for us. He isn’t expecting us to do anything on our own: “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” He will amply supply us with all the grace and strength we need to do His will: “My grace is sufficient for you.” When Jesus said “come”, Peter put all his trust in God and went. His confidence was based solely on Christ’s word, not in his own strength {excerpt from "the faith that Walks on Water}

 I pray that God gives me the strength that I need on the 30 day Challenge.

Today is a new day: Things are turning around!!!!Mustard Seed Faith.....