Sunday, July 15, 2012

Not giving in : Fibro Exhaustion vs. A time of refreshing

Today I had a war with my body and my mind on whether to give in to how I was feeling or to keep moving.   There are really very few days that I am not in the press.   I refuse to Quit!....Sometimes, it is hard not to just lay in the bed/couch and not do anything.    I was determined to enjoy my vacation with the Ladies at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  This has been a very good trip here at the beach and I refuse not to enjoy this time.   I really appreciate God for allowing this opportunity to see this part of his earth.  The beach is so awesome to see.  It looks as if the ocean is never ending almost as if the cloud and the ocean meet each other...

I have been able to get some rest that I hope will help me to feel some better as in the days to come.  We have just a few more days here at the beach and I plan to soak up a lil bit more of the sun while I am here.   I remind myself that I am not the victim, I am the victor and I will not be defeated by this the weeks prior to my coming here, I had some very tough days.  I spent the last few Fridays at the doctor's office for iron infusions and then later found out my levels were the same.  A hard pill to swallow.   Little to no energy, yet pressing with my daily responsibilities,(not complaining, yet thankful----somebody has no legs or hands to move)  Today at the beach, I even witnessed a youg lady that was blind and had to be lead around.  She did not have the opportunity to see the amazing works of the Lord.   So, I promise you! no complaints from me.  (we all have our cross to bare)

According to research it is necessary to have times like theses to refresh and de-stress!!!!! Better known as Coping with your condition..

Fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome strikes, it can be a hard blow. However, with a good treatment plan under the care of your physician, some lifestyle changes are necessary(those around will eventually understand) and a few basic coping strategies, it is still possible to lead a productive and fulfilling life.   It is just necessary for us to lean how to cope and find ways that work for you.  We have to remember to pace ourselves and utilize our time wisely without overdoing it.

Words for today: Don't let the disease control you....Take your life back...(as my Pastor told me just a few days ago: One day at a Time)

I have added a picture gallery for you to get a glimpse of my trip and time of refreshing

my beach buddies (can't be at the beach w/o them)

the view 500 ft with the birds......facing my fears in the helicopter ride....never flew before..

the helicopter ride

our pilot......

waiting to load for the helicopter ride

waiting on the ride....
at the Beach......didn't go out to far....
Sea shells washed ashore....

the fountain in front of resort....

the fountain
the view from the private balcony

second shot from the patio