Saturday, June 23, 2012

One Day at a Time: Fibro Madness

One day at a time....everyday is a new opportunity for me to beat the "Fibro Madness" by just simply gettig up and taking  a step I am besting the odds that are against me. I pray to God to give me a release and I am trusting that he will.  I have no greater desire than to not feel pain over the my body.  I went to the doctor recently and reminded that I had Chronic Anemia and was informed that a I was going to need to have some iron due to the fact that my levels were LOW.  Well due to my condition, I can not take iron by mouth because of the side effects that make me ill.  So, I have to do Iron Infusions that usually last 3-4 hours.   On the past two Friday's I have had to spend my days at the hematology clinic getting iron infusions. Lot of think to think and pray and sleep....As I am thinking, I ask why I am I here....I see some very sick people while I sit and go through the process.  Some are like me others are dealing with the big "C" and getting Chemotherapy.... The last time I was there I decided that I was going to research and see if there was any connection between Iron Deficiency and Fibromyalgia.  And who would of guessed the findingings....yes yes, there is a connection.  See below some of the information that I found on how persons with Fibromyalgia can not absorb iron properly in the body. see insert below

Fibromyalgia Overview

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder that is characterized by pain in the muscles and connective tissue, tender spots all over the body and a general feeling of fatigue. While experts are still unsure of what exactly causes fibromyalgia, it is believed to primarily be a disorder of pain processing -- people with fibromyalgia may feel the sensation of pain more acutely than others. Fibromyalgia is more common in women than in men, and while it is a chronic condition it is not life-threatening or degenerative, so many people successfully manage it and life a normal life. Many people manage fibromyalgia with supplements, pain relieving medications and drugs that address their specific symptoms.

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Fibromyalgia and Iron

Iron deficiency is associated with disorders like anemia, but because iron plays a role in how neurotransmitters in our brain transfer information, research has sought to find if there is a connection between iron levels and fibromyalgia symptoms. In a study published in the "European Journal of Clinical Nutrition" in March 2010, researchers found that women who had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia had a lower level of iron in their bloodstream than women who had not. Because of that result, the researchers suggested that perhaps iron's role in our brain's production and usage of chemicals like seratonin and dopamine could play a part in developing fibromyalgia. More research is needed, but you may wish to speak with your physician about evaluating your iron levels.

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So you see, I have learned a lot to help me to better understand some of the things that are going on in my body. 

I have also learned to do the things that inspire me along with pacing myself and not doing to much that it causes me undo stress and extra pain.( as of this date, 6-23-12 there is not a time that I am out of pain, but "I believe" that things are going to change for me)
In the following slides that I have added have been some of my latest works that insipre along with my support system of family and friends.  I thank God for my family and my life and the opportunity that has been given to me,  A strong woman of God, a big sister, a wife, a mother, helper to others(Social Worker) and a Photographer....This is one of the best places for me( behind the Lens)   I wish I had developed the skills sooner, better later than never  ........ I have a camera with me just about every where that I go looking for the next great shot or the opportunity to capture the moments in time.... (random shots taken over the past few months)

Lighting inside of our Hotel while on Family Vacation in Texas

Things are bigger in Texas.....The largest Capital in the U.S.  Austin Texas

My nieces where there as well....good to see family

One of my favorite shots of a Sweet lil Diva Girl!!!

The Two Rivers Bridge-Little Rock, Arkansas

Mother's Day Note from the Grand Kids......