Sunday, April 29, 2012

Food for thought....Mind, Body and Spirit

I would like to share my notes from the first service of today. God is using our Bishop mightly to help us to build our faith to prepare us to deal with the attacks that are here and to come. No matter what it looks like we can not allow the attacks of the enemy to discourage us. His plan is to break us down and take our focus off off the assignment that has been placed on our lives. If we are so focused on our what is going on in our lives there is no way we are concerned about the lost soul or that person that needs to know how to get over there situation. I Also heard another word today at the second service....reactivate your faith.. Keeping your faith strong is the key to dealing with any situation. I know that I have been attacked in my body( fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, asthma, chronic anenmia, osteoarithritis, degenarative arithritis,and so on ...)but trusting God daily for my healing and the lessons that I am hearing are helping me to get through the low times and know that brighter days are ahead. See the notes below and apply, utilize them and watch God work....mustard seed faith! (the mind and the spirit need to line up) Mind Battles Dealing with serious mind battles Daniel 7:25-26 Building up our faith: gotta stay encouraged.... 1. Don't want to be caught under the influence of the devil... 2. He wants to wear out the saints 3.In every area of your life, he wants to wear us down. 4. Why? He wants us to be Spiritually Drain.  5. He is Seasonal..... 6. What are you basing that on...don't base the outcomes on our feelings. 7. The devil is not playing.....transformed by the renewing of the mind 8. Claim the victory in the mind. 9. Stay in the Press.... 10. You are not the only one. 11. Release transformed by the renewing of the mind. 12. Gotta get the soul and mind to line up..... 13. Stop the Stinking thinking. Timothy..he will bring you strong delusions. Delusions will come to mess up your mind.....Spiritually psychotic..spiritually catatonic /lethargic  Romans12:1 The devil wants us to conform to this world......get your mind together Faith comes by hearing We got to have each others back. We got to have a different way of living 2cor 10:1-5 Casting down bringing every thought under captivity to the word of Christ. He will attack the mind. He will bring strong delusion He will make you sick. The devil got in judas mind. The difference is we know  better....when u know better do better. Romans 7:21 Romans 7:21 (KJV) I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me. It's a war going on....against what I know....Lord Bless my mind.... When your spirit and mind s not line need the word....there is no way to make it w/o the Word. The word freshens the mind. Lord hid me in your word...anoint me in your word.   not good enough to carry the word....gotta hid it in my heart. Transformed by the renewing of the mind....mind cometh by hearing.   HE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DEALING WITH