Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gotta Keep Movin'

I must say that I was honored to be able to see my nieces and nephew run behind the soccer ball.   These are some of the most joyful children that I know.  It was truly a pleasure to spend time with them and my brother.  My niece Kiresten was just as excited as I was to be there.   She saw me first and may sure her brother JJ saw me as Hayley was already in the game and very focused. 

I had to press my way just to show them that I am proud of them as they learn team work and improved cooperation and sportsmanship. I think that all children need such a program. 

This was good for me to be out with the children today.  Learning to enjoy the small things....Live, Love and Laugh.

Now home trying to prepare for the the extended day that we have set for tomorrow.  I am already preparing myself for a Blessed time in the Lord and "Making myself Believe" that I will have a good day no matter what it looks like or how I feel.  I must press into the presence of the Lord in order to gain strength for the week.  I have to take one day at time and allow the Lord to be the lead on what I need to do  keep myself up.   I have to believe that God has the plan over my life and trust him every step of the way.  

Fibromayalgia is chronic widespread pain and currently there is not a cure.....This is not my destiny....God has something better for me...

I have the favor of God on my Life. I am beginning to see him blessing my business.  Please check back often to see updates from Nora Ayers Photography

Living in the "I am factor"   I am Healed.... I am Blessed....I am a Lender not a Borrower.....