Thursday, November 10, 2011

Taking care of Business: Getting your life Back!

Do you have a spouse that has a chronic you often wonder what you can do to help them and yourself to cope.  Do you sometimes have a little to much tension in your house.   If so there are somethings that you can do to for  the one that you love the most.We have to accept that sometimes they just do not understand what they can to do help and you may not understand why they don't know.   I know many days I find myself frustrated.  I plan to share this with my husband and my children to help them better understand how to take care of mommy when she is not feeling the best,which is 85% of the time.

I found this information on another site and wanted share.  Whatever  I find and share, I feel that it would be useful for application to ones daily life as well as my own.   Happy Reading and feel free to pass it own as well as leave comments for the readers.

Below are 15 suggestions on ways your spouse can care for you.  Why not print this list, circle those you would really appreciate, and give it to your spouse?  They’ll appreciate knowing what to do the next time you’re down with the count and need some tender loving care.

  1. Make dinner and clean up the mess.
  2. Bring home flowers with a get-well card.
  3. Give you a foot rub.
  4. Screen all phone calls and tell people you’ll call them back later.
  5. Insist you go to bed while he feeds, bathes and puts the kids to bed.
  6. Draw you a hot bath.
  7. Bring you a magazine and a hot cup of tea.
  8. Sit with you while you groan about how awful you’re feeling.
  9. Drive to the drug store to pick up medication.
  10. Rent a movie to make you laugh.
  11. Give lots of hugs and tell you you’re beautiful even when you’re sick.
  12. Run errands for you.
  13. Call you regularly from work to see if there is anything you need.
  14. Leave you completely alone to recover in peace and quiet.
  15. Sleep on the couch or in the spare bedroom so you can have the bed to yourself.