Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life does not just Happen: Capture the moment

Does Life sometime see to take you by suprise.  We are more in control of what happens to us.  God has not given us the Spirit of Fear.   We must Live by Faith and put our best foot forward.   We must find happines in our situation and try to enjoy the time that is before us.   We can not go around with our heads hung done and we are being lead around w/o direction.  He has done so much I can not tell it all.  My Life is a living testimony.   I give all praises to God for my life.   No matter the circumstances today...I live and I move beacause of his grace....Now i am on a journey to my healing and I am looking for the blessings that are a head.  I will use this platform here to freely express my feelings as well as my Photography that I have recently connected with as a means of self-expression..