Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fibromyalgia: A Flare-up!

Fibromyalgia:  A Flare Up!

Today is one of those rough days, head hurts; legs hurt back hurt and all the other parts of my body along with feelings of weakness as If I have the flu.   I do not have the flu, but I feel so bad.   I need to be getting ready for work, but I just can’t right now.  I am putting forth a great deal of effort not to sink into how I am feeling in my body.  Some days are just harder than others and today is one of those days.   This usually happens after I have been going and going just doing my everyday routine.  I call this a Crash… Others may call it a flare up.   At times it is very overwhelming.   I know many do not understand.   The reason for this it that there are no open wounds or visible signs of my condition….I must say so myself that I present well to others.   When I come out, I look the part.  I smile with you and talk with you as if nothing is wrong.    But I must confess that there is a great struggle within to get through each day.  I continue to look for answers and trust God for the strength to carry my cross.   One day, I know It will be over….In the end, I will have a testimony of Victory and Praise…….