Monday, December 15, 2014

There is Hope

There is Hope!

Why art thou cast down, O my Soul and why art though disquieted in me? Hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance. - Psalms 42:5 


Sometimes in life we are faced with challenges that are very hard to deal with.  Often times, you may find yourself, wondering why is this happening to me?  Why am I suffering so much? Why all these trials? Lord, will I ever get a break?   As saints, we have to remember that are hope is in God.  He will leave your forsake you.  In any given situation that you are dealing with, you have to remember that God has not left you he is with you all the time!  When you are in the toughest times of your life, it may be very hard for to see passed what you are being faced with.   You have to keep the faith and trust God. One writer says, “If he bring you to it; He will carry you through it”

Some of us may be dealing with the loss of loved ones, loss of good physical health, loss of relationships, loss of finances andso on. Just keep in mind that it want be like this always. Just seasons change, so will your situation.  There are Brighter Daysahead. We have to look to the hills from which cometh our help.  All of our help comes from God.

For those that are dealing with losses as stated above.  You will have to go through the grieving process. There are different stages of grief.  In dealing with grief and loss, you do not want to get stuck in any one stage.  (Grief is a natural response to loosing someone or something that is dear to you)

There are stages of grief /loss includes denialanger,bargainingdepression and acceptance.  Keep in mind that no two people deal with grief/loss in the same way. We must respect that each person’s individuality in regards to the issues, but all individuals must go through the stages (and not necessarily in the order listed) in order to fully accept what has happened.

Denial- the first stage-  the stage where the world becomes meaningless and life makes no sense. You may have numb feelings and be in sense of shock.  Wondering should I go on. Denial helps us to pace our feelings of grief.  In this stage you are really gaining strength and understanding. This is really the beginning of the healing process.

Anger –the second stageAnger is the emotion, where you wonder where is God in this. Anger is the indication of the level of intensity of the love.  “Be yea angry and Sin not” It is okay to be angry. There are many emotions with anger and during the healing process you will experience each of them from time to time.   Maybe even at the same time.  Anger can be seen as the bridge that allows you to hold on to the person or the relationship that you are now feeling disconnected from.  Anger is natural response often layered with pain, hurt, desertion and feeling of abandonment.

Bargaining-third stage-  the what if stage,  we think, “ maybe I could have done something differently”  “if only I was here sooner”   this only cause us to find fault and blame in ourselves. When really we had not control over the outcome.  We try to negotiate the pain and hurt away.  This is the one stage that does not last as long.  This stage is a response to feelings and emotions that can last for only minutes to a few hours.

Depressionthe fourth stage- feeling of Emptiness,  When the grief becomes very deep.  It may feel like it will last forever.  Keep in mind this is not to be confused with the mental illness; however it is a natural response to grief.  Depression may cause you to isolate from others, and the things that you normally would find pleasure in.  You may experience a full range of emotions and find it difficult to get your life back on track.  You have to understand that this is normal.  Losing a loved one is a very hard situation to deal with. We are never really ready to deal with losing those that are close to us.  

Acceptance-the fifth stageDo not get this confused with  “ I am Ok”. This is the stage where you come to terms with the fact that your loved one us physically gone and recognizing that it is a permanent situation.   During the stage, we recognize that our lives have changed forever and we have to readjust.  It may not be easy or “OK” to live with the reality that they are no longer here with us.  We learn how to cope with the changes in our lives. There will be some good days and bad days.  We learn to remember the good times that we had together. You may begin to build new relationships/ reaching out and making new connections and enjoy life again. You will not be able to do this until you give grief some time.

We have to keep the faith and believe that God will to come to our rescue.  Because he lives we can face tomorrow. He is our HOPE and will give us the Strength that we need to keep moving.

While you are waiting on God sometimes our natural spirits get weak and you begin to feel like there is not anymore that you can take.  Don’t quit and for certain do not give up on God.

He will give you a Peace that surpasses all understanding.

Trust God: for He our HOPE!

If you are suffering and need additional information, prayer or referral services to deal with grief or loss issues feel free to contact me.. I am a Licensed  Therapist as well as a woman of faith...God can help you with any situation are not alone!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

No pain No Gain...

I have not been here for a while. There has been a lot going on since the last time as I have to try to balance my life and keep up with the hustle & bustle of my everyday duties which are influenced a great deal by the constant physical pain from the fibromyalgia. 

I recently returned back to work. I feel that this was part of the plan for me. One day in July, I began to pray as well as write down the things I wanted and needed God to help me with. I needed direction as well as for him to go before me to help to work out the situations out for me. One of the things I needed the most attention was dealing with my financial situation.  For the most part, I had not really worked since my Surgery last year (sept. 2013). I really needed to know what to do in this situation. I prayed to God and decided to send my resume out resume out to a few places. Little did I know that the timing was so right.  It's so important to be in position to receive your blessing.  After turning in my resume, I received a phone call for me to come into the clinic for an interview.  When I arrived to the interview, God had already moved on my behalf and they were ready to offer me the job just a few minutes after we began the interview.  After talking with them and hearing about what the position was offering, I was ready to accept as this position was everything I had prayed for.  Due to all that I deal with in regards to my health there were some things of my past jobs that I just can not do anymore and  for this position they are not required and it works out for my good and therefore I was able to return back to practice as a therapist in a local outpatient clinic. ( I must add that in all my years of practice this is the best position that I have had and it works for me )

I am so thankful for this opportunity to be able to get back to work. There were many days that I didn't understand why things were going the way that they were going for me. I now realize that the struggles and the hard time was a part of the process to get me to this point, to this day.  Many times we do not understand God's plan and purpose. We experience lots of things during our lives that are a part of the process to get us to our purpose and destiny. Many things we go through are very difficult and require us to gain strength just to make it through the next day. But we have to keep in mind that God is always there with us and he will never leave you or forsake you.  It may even seem like you are in the situation all alone, but we have to stand on his word that he was there all the time...He is Alpha and Omega. 

Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them; for the Lord thy God, He it is who doth go with thee. He will not fail thee nor forsake thee.”

Friday, July 11, 2014

Patience : A Blessing Delayed but not Denied!

It's been some time since I have been here...In the time that I was away not a lot has change...Everyday is still a press. I am determined not to quit even though there are times when I can not see pass the pain as it is so prevelant on a day to day basis. ( I am referring to the physical pain that goes along with the Fibromyalgia as well as the side effects from my surgery last September)
I have not lost my faith in God because he has done so much for me...He still answers prayers and continues to show himself mighty by answering prayers. 

I have not been able to work since the beginning of the year due to the increased demands of my job and my ongoing issues with pain and being so tired.. I have to admit that some days are discouraging but I know that brighter days are ahead and I take one day at a time.

I went ahead and filed for my disability Social Security. I am not sure how all of this will go as it is a long journey trying to go through all the red tape ( procedures) that goes along with filing for social security.  I have done a lot of research on the process but I do realize that every case is handled differently.

For this journey, in all instances requires Patience: Patience, does not come  easy,  but it is a skill / attribute that can be achieved.

 Patience: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset.
( self-restraint)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Keeping the Faith

The last couple of weeks have been just a little trying. I have been to the several different doctor appointments as well as ER visits.  I have been having increased pain episodes as well as problems keeping my pressure under control... At my most recent ER visit, they gave me a new high blood pressure medication to help with managing the elevations in my pressure. I was also referred to one of the local heart doctors for additional testing to rule out any medical conditions with my heart.  

 I am reassured in my faith in God and realize that no matter what is going on that I have to trust God and know that he is in charge. I have been through so many things and he as not left me without a witness of his power and might. With each passing day, I am able to see him working on my behalf. Just in the simple things of getting up in the morning to having the ability to go and come without incident. By his grace, I am still here and for that I am most grateful!

On last week, I started a new process of drinking more water along with detoxing...The purpose of this is to clean out the impurities in my system and I would like to share. 
Acording to the word, it is God's desire for us to be in good health.. Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth (3 John 1:2)
In order to be in health, we we must take control of what we put in our bodies....

I found this recipe (and take not credit,but am willing to share)
Recipe 1
-2 liters of water
-1 medium cucumber
-1 lemon
-10-12 mint leaves
(I added strawberries for additional flavor)
Steep overnight and drink everyday....

Recipe 2
-1.5 liters of water
-1 tsp cranberry juice
-2 tsp lemon juice 
-1skinnyMe Acai tea bag
Mix all together and sip through out the day..

....give these recipes a try and let me know what if any changes you experience and always remember to pray and ask God for guidance in your situation and most of all don't lose your faith!

*Disclaimer: always consult your medical care provider as these are my thoughts and views on how to cope with chronic pain.  
Fibromyalgia (FM or FMS) is characterised by chronic widespread pain and allodynia (a heightened and painful response to pressure).[1] Its exact cause is unknown but is believed to involve psychological, genetic, neurobiological and environmental factors.[2][

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Laughter is a Good like a Medicine......

How often do you laugh in a day?.....or do you laugh? Or do you just let the pressures of life  and your day to day situations get you down.... Did you know that it takes more muscles and energy to frown than it does to smile? 

All writers look for inspiration when they write.   So on tonight, I have to give cordite for my subject due to two totally different situations. One was my lesson tonight in bible study lead by my Pastor that always gives us a word for our souls on on mid-week service.    He is totally led by the spirit of God and knows just what to say ... For that I am so greatful..

My other inspiration comes from a dear friend that I had a phone conversation with last night was very uplifting and she also helped me with her positive attitude and wonderful spirit and she to listens to God and always know just what to say at the appropriate time.  It is good to surround yourself around spirit-filled people. 

Everyone of us should just take a few minutes and just laugh....take a few minutes now to just think about the funniest think that has happened to you or a loved one..... (Now laugh out loud okay(lol)

Life is too short to not to enjoy it....Focus on the positives in your life and look for the beauty in everything....

"There is a growing body of research indicating that a good guffaw may improve immune function, help lower blood pressure, boost mood and reduce stress and depression. And despite a dearth of more rigorous, long-term studies, the sum of these findings is compelling, says cardiologist Michael Miller, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine who has researched the topic."( feel free to review the full study)

The word says: Genesis 1( feel free to read the entire chapter) " in the beginning God created Heaven....and good said let there be light and there was light. And God saw light, that it was good and God divided the light from darkness....
As the word says...God saw that the light was the beginning he set the stage for us to know to look towards the light and he separated the two...and still today we have have the ability to see the difference in light and darkness in our lives....We can choose to go towards the light or to stay or to focus on the dark and sad places in our lives.... God created a design in the beginning and if we follow his design and plan we will be victorious in our lives and when you are victorious you do not have a problem laughing and being happy...

So my challenge to you is to laugh and be happy....Look for the beauty and the positives in your life. Look toward the light and not the darkness in your life...we all reasons or situation to frown but you look better when you smile!!! And it will help you to feel better

" LAUGHTER doeth good like a Medicine"

Disclaimer: Fibromyalgia is chronic wide spread pain....please check with your doctor for pain management and a formal diagnosis to receive additional information on how to cope. These are my thoughts and views. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A family affair: Moving forward with Hope

2013 has come and gone...our family as been through many changes/challenges during this year but we never lost our "Hope"   We kept the faith and God kept us....although everything may not be in place as we desire or just how we want them to be: we must remember that God has the final say....Everyday I am gaining new strength through him to take the next step in living a victorious life....I am more than a conquer through him that gives a peace that surpasses all understanding...

A few months ago, I had a major surgery and continue to struggle in my physical body, but with God all things are possible. On a day to day basis, I am able to get things done that I need to because of the strength that I get from him above...I appreciate God for always taking care of our family and giving us what we need..... 
In the next few months, I am looking forward to better things to happen and will share the blessings of God with you to try to keep you encouraged as well as myself....

Many people suffer with chronic illness such as myself and sometime just a positive word helps you to know that brighter days are keep your head up high...keep the faith and continue to look to God....Stay positive about your situation...surround yourself around postive people....the best is yet to come...declare and decree that this is your best year.....most of all get closer to God as he is the author and finisher of or Faith!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reflections:: Oh give thanks...

Often times we may find it difficult to see pass the pain....You and I may not have the same pain...I mostly deal with physical pain due to health issues but on today I refuse to focus on even though it is so real and present.  You may deal with the same type of pain or you may have emotional pain due to heart break....but today as this is the Season of Thanks....let us just take a few minutes to reflect on the good in our lives and all the many blessing that have been bestowed on us and our families. Now just take a few minutes to just Breathe.....GOD IS GOOD ALL BY HIMSELF....He gives us life....He supplies all our needs...
When you go about your day today...Do not forget to take a moment to just look around and observe how the season is changing...The trees colors are so beautiful and a sign that the seasons are changing. Just as the trees are a sign of the changes, reflect over your life and your situation look for the signs and signals in your life that a change is coming to your situation. Make sure you are in tune with God and what he is doing right now in your life and prepare for the change...Do not let your season pass you by for it had been set for an appointed time.

So just be thankful today as it is Thankful Thursday....Oh give thanks unto The Lord for he is good: for His mercy endureth for ever! Psalms 136:1